Part-Time Work in the UAE Made Easy

Since launching in April 2016, Mums@Work has seen a great interest from multinationals, local companies and SME’s in the UAE. Organisations are fully understanding the benefits of bringing this massive pool of untapped talent back into the workplace through flexible and part-time working.

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There are no specific industries where we place candidates, roles are available across all sectors, such as  FMGC, Marketing and Communications, Finance, Legal, Hotel and Leisure, Construction, to name but a few. The types of roles to date have been across all levels from director through to admin support showing there really are no barriers to mums returning to work after a break, it is just a case of reconnecting with your old professional self and enjoying life back in the workplace.

Salaries, of course, are relevant to roles and experience required, but all are at market rate and pro-rated based on the number of hours for the position.  The main requirement is that the candidate has a dependent Visa especially for short term contracts.

Mums@Work has the added benefit of the Mackenzie Jones backing so are constantly getting new roles on our job board. Sign up with Mums@Work to keep up to date as well as getting expert advice and top tips for entering back into the workplace and generally fine tuning the work and family life balancing act.

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