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UntitledMy name is Jacqueline. I have been a teacher for the past sixteen (16) years; twelve in my home country and this is my fourth year in Dubai. I currently teach the kindergartens (3-5 years old).

I love teaching because I love seeing the steady and gradual development of our kids. Every child is an individual, unique and full of promise, ideas, energy and potential.

I love encouraging them to explore, discover and at the same time be independent (holistic development).

What I have observed and come to realize is that when children come to us they are very intelligent and good learners and it is up to us to add onto their growth and development. What I love about children is that they are very honest and we need to care for them as individuals with their own strengths and needs thus every child is unique in his/her own way.

Cooking is the other thing I love doing because it relaxes me. I love coming up with new cooking ideas and recipes, inviting my friends over and just cook for them.

More About The Contributor

At Blessings Nursery, we treasure each and every unique child that comes into our care.

We encourage children to discover things for themselves through exploration and play. We believe that children learn best in this way and it will provide early learners with the confidence they need to develop their own unique personality. We have the best teachers, child care assistants, nurses and management to provide your children with exceptional care and education.

Blessings Nurseries have two locations in Dubai; Al Manzil district near the Burj Khalifa and Knowledge Village. Both locations provide a unique early education experience for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. We follow the British EYFS curriculum and measure ourselves against the highest standards.

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