Get Ahead this School Year!

Research shows that children do better in school when parents get involved. So do get involved. Contact the teachers; understand how to get in touch with them during the year. Discuss goals for the school year ahead. Explore how you as a parent can be more supportive of your child’s needs by requesting more information and insight on your child’s attitude and performance in class.

Many parents do not realize how much educational ground their children lose during the almost three-month break. A child’s math loss during the vacation months is made worse because keeping math skills sharp takes more rigor and focus from both child and parent.

Understand where your child stands in Math. Ask the teacher what is expected from him/her this year. Get your child assessed at any of our Mathnasium centers for Free to better understand his/her level and what is needed to stay ahead. Benefit from our Back to School Offer.

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