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Elite Football Academy:

Our recreational sessions offer all players with a range of ability levels the opportunity to participate in an atmosphere geared to learning through fun and engagement, whilst developing knowledge of the tactical and technical side of the game.
The sessions are for all children aged 4-16 and each child will participate within their own age group, with a maximum of 14 players per coach to ensure the players receive, quality, one to one and group time with their coach.
The sessions are broken down into 3 sections. The warm up focuses on technical play, dribbling, turns, skills and ball manipulation.
The second part of the session will be broken down over a period of 10-12 weeks across, dribbling, passing and shooting. The players will learn a variety of techniques and skills across the three main components over a period of 3-4 weeks.
The final part of the session will see the players enter into a competitive match in which the players will be asked to develop the skills they learned during the session and incorporate them into a competitive match environment.

Elite Swim Academy:

Swimming with Elite is great fun and has many health benefits as well as educating swimmers in water safety and working towards becoming successful athletes. With this in mind Elite have developed a fun filled program that follows the British ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) framework. Used in more than 1,000 swimming programs nationwide, as well as overseas, it is already the most successful sports program of its kind and has taught millions of children to swim. We also draw on our highly qualified coaches with innovation ideas to help your child become the best swimmer they can possibly be.
The swimmer’s journey through aquatics following the framework will result in the development of a wide range of skills. These skills are pieces of a jigsaw and when put together, they will result in a competent, confident and safe swimmer who has the foundations needed to help them reach their potential in swimming, as well as a skill base that can be developed for a wide range of water-based sports.


Elite Sports Academy are conveniently located throughout Dubai:


  • Horizon International School (Umm Al Sheif)
  • Horizon English School (Safa)
  • Ranches Primary School (Arabian Ranches 2)
  • JESS Arabian Ranches (Arabian Ranches)
  • Delhi Private School Academy (Academic City)
  • Star International School (Al Twar)
  • Regent International School (The Greens)
  • Sunmarke School (Jumeirah Village Triangle)


  • Horizon English School (Safa)
  • Delhi Private School Academy (Academic City)
  • Star International School (Al Twar)

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