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Summer is over and the cooler season is here, your kids are back to school and you are trying to juggle their activities, with so many on offer its hard to choose one that suits your child. As a parent you want to make sure that the after school activities contribute to further development of your little overachievers. Let us tell you how Tennis could benefit your child’s development. Apart from an evident grace and elegance of the sport, this is a sport your child will carry through out their life, it can be enjoyed at any age, but the fundamentals should be laid in early childhood. Tennis is the perfect balance of strength and beauty; we all know the benefits of the physical aspect of any sport, but here are the extra benefits of Tennis vs. Team sports. All sports develop reaction and physical strength, but not many could add development of mental toughness to the list. By playing tennis your child will learn how to make decisions quickly and precisely, react to stress situations, work under pressure, dig deep into their inner strength to stay focused and present throughout a match, patience and ability to read their opponents, and above all it will teach your child to find the way to win. All of the above skills are highly regarded in the modern world your children will live in. Tennis is a sport that creates leaders with winning attitude.

Smash Tennis Academy is offering a free trial to everyone who books before 22d of September. Book today and see your little overachiever blossom.

Smash Tennis Academy has a wide range of Programs for Children as young as 3yo.

All our programs are carefully designed with a gradual progression in mind. Our programs as follows:

Mini Smashers: Designed for the kids age between 5yo and 8yo. Schedule: Sunday; Tuesday; Wednesday; Thursday @ 5pm
Class duration is 1 hour; Fees: AED1295 per child per term.

Hot Shots: Designed for the kids between age of 9 and 12. Schedule: Sunday; Tuesday; Wednesday; Thursday @ 6pm
Class duration is 1 hour; Fees: AED1295 per child per term.

Young Guns: Designed for the kids between age of 13 and 17. Schedule: Sunday; Tuesday; Wednesday; Thursday @ 7pm
Class duration is 1 hour; Fees: AED1450 per child per term.

Young Guns have a seperate girls only classes with female coach on Tuesday and potentially on Sunday.

Weekend classes will be launched from October in the mornings and afternoons which could be attended on per class bases and purchased in block of 5; 10 or 20 classes.

We are also launching Laides mornings and Mum’s classes from October. For further information please contact us.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via e-mail: or whatsapp: +971529263535

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