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Get Ahead this School Year!

Research shows that children do better in school when parents get involved. So do get involved. Contact the teachers; understand how to get in touch with them during the year. Discuss goals for the school year ahead. Explore how you as a parent can be more supportive of your child’s needs by requesting more information…

Academy Schedule & Packages NEW

FC Football Academy

At the FC Football Academy, it is our goal to teach football skills in a fun and educational environment. The football coaching staff at the FC Football Academy Dubai instructs, challenges, and facilitates the development of every child’s physical, technical and tactical skills in the game, from the ages of 3 to 14 years old….


CPD – Just Ask the Teachers

For many teachers, finding a school that provides a strong and ongoing programme of Continuing Professional Development (CPD), is an important factor in their professional decision-making. Many schools have come to the realisation that to attract and retain excellent teachers in a globally competitive market, they must be willing to invest in and constantly up-skill…

Tania doing the French program with her daughter

Capable Children are Happy Children

Capable Children are Happy Children By: Tania Siddiqi Director, Masterminds Nursery The combination of enhanced comprehension, tremendous curiosity and a love of learning triggers a virtuous cycle that supports success and happiness throughout life When I first found our partner institute in the US eight years ago and witnessed these amazing, happy and kind 3,…


The Only Choice for Your Child

About Us Masterminds Nursery has partnered with a globally renowned institute that has been a pioneer in childhood development for over 60 years, and whose founders include Nobel prize laurates. Our enrichment programs integrate a mother’s traditional wisdom with 60 years of leading-edge research in child development to create intellectual, physical and social excellence, in…