Easy DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids


There is nothing more adorable during the Halloween than kids dressed up in cute, spooky costumes. If you’re a Mom running out of time and ideas for your little one’s trick-or-treat dress up, we come up with this list of do-it-yourself costume ideas you can easily put together.

 Bubble Bath Costume

If your child wants a simple and yet cute look for Halloween, this will be perfect!


Things to use: 

Inflatable baby bathtub, wide ribbon, 15 white balloons, double sided tape and bath poufs


  • If you have an inflatable baby bathtub with your preferred character on it, cut the hole in the bottom and leave a space of two inches for the edge.
  • Punch two holes on the remaining edge (front and back).
  • Use wide ribbon as suspenders. Make sure to measure your child’s waist and shoulder to come up with the right length of suspenders.
  • Thread the ribbons through the holes and knot the latter part of the ribbons to secure it.
  • Inflate 15 white balloons and use double sided tape to place them inside the tub and make them look like bubbles.
 Sun Costume

Your little one can be bright and sunny this Halloween!


Things to use:

Over size yellow sweat shirt, orange and yellow felt paper, yellow knee socks, fabric glue, safety pins, long sleeves yellow shirt


  • Let your child wear a plain yellow long sleeves shirt.
  • Cut the sleeves of the sweat shirt.
  • Get the felt paper and draw and smiling sun then cut. Use the yellow felt paper as the base and the yellow one for the features of the sun.
  • Use the remaining orange felt paper to make rays of the sun.
  • Paste the sun on the sweat shirt using fabric glue. If you want the sun to be cheerier, you can use your preferred decorations such as rickracks.
  • For the hat, use the cut sleeves as the head dress. Then cut some sun rays and paste it around the sleeve.
  • Grab a pair of yellow knee socks and let your child wear it
 Raining Cats and Dogs Costume

Go a little bit spooky but still adorable with this raining cats and dogs costume!


Things to use:

Black poster board, 4 sheets black felt paper, White fabric pencil, Glue, Gray thread, Needle, Child-size transparent umbrella, scissors


  • Using the felt paper and pencil, trace dog and cat shaped cut out then cut.
  • Glue the cut outs on a poster board then cut once again. Make sure to produce 16 cats and 16 dogs.
  • Cut the thread into pieces then paste on each cut out.
  • Get the transparent umbrella and tie the cut outs while paste the rest on the remaining parts of the umbrella.
  • Buy a Halloween inspired rain coat and let your child wear it while holding the umbrella
 Frankenstein Costume

Make your child have a cute Frankenstein look through this costume!


Things to use:

Green felt paper, fabric glue, silver-painted spools, red felt paper, faux fur, black sweat pants, gray t-shirt and dark jacket


  • For the body, dress your child in black sweat pants and cut the edges. Then, t-shirt and jacket will do for the top.
  • For the hat, measure your child’s head then cut a piece of felt paper then glue the two sides to create a cylinder shape.
  • Cut other two pieces of felt paper about 6 inches long for the neckpiece. Glue the strips into the sides of the hat.
  • Inside the hat, glue silver spools.
  • Cut a strip of red felt paper then glue to the hat
 Halloween Ghost Costume

Be like a little ghost by wearing this ghost inspired costume!


Things to use:

Oversize white sweatshirt, Fabric glue, white ribbon, 2 yards white tulle, 1 yard batting, black felt paper, black ribbon, white long sleeves shirt


  • For the body, let your child wear a white long sleeves shirt.
  • Cut the sleeves of the sweat shirt then make your child wear it.
  • Fold the two yards tulle into half then cut it on the center (enough to fit your child’s head). Make your child wear the tulle on the top of the sweat shirt.
  • For the hat, take the cut sleeves of the sweat shirt shirt and glue the edges until its formed into a hat.
  • Place glue on the batting and wrap around the hat.
  • For the ghost mask, cut two small circles from the black felt paper and cut smaller circles on the inside just like goggles.
  • Paste the thin ribbon on both ends of the circle to connect them then tie around the head of your child.

You don’t need to spend so much to come up with a cute Halloween costume this year. Just a little bit of this and that can make your little kid’s Halloween an awesome one.  If these costume ideas inspired you, be sure to take a photo and share your creations with us via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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