Self-care and deportment classes for teenage girls

Self-care and deportment classes for teenage girls

“Statistically 78% teen girls are unhappy with their body

7 out of 10 girls believe that they are not good enough or don’t measure up in some way, including their performance in school, their looks and relationships.

For some parents this is not just a statistic, it is a painful reality. Teenagers in general go through huge changes, both physically and mentally. With our fast-changing world becoming more digital, they are faced with even bigger concerns trying to match up with what social media have us believe is normal and beautiful.

Teens through the ages find it difficult to discuss concerns with parents, no matter the type of relationship. No-one to blame, yet it is a sensitive situation trusting the internet or a fellow peer for answers.

That is why we at #iheartME devote our time and mentorship to teen girls to help guide them with all the basic self-care and deportment knowledge they require to become strong, confident and independent young adults. We provide a safe and trusting environment for them to have the confidence to seek help, guidance and assistance when it is called for. Our classes are fun and interactive and cover face care, nail care, make-up, deportment, communication, etc. to equip each one with enough basic knowledge to enjoy the road to adulthood with a higher self-worth and self-esteem

We welcome every teenager, from the “know it all” to the “start from scratch”. There is a guaranteed take away in every class, though it be a one liner or an Eureka moment.

Contact us for more information and to find out about our Super Saver New Year Special.

Don’t miss out, classes start early January”

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