10 New Year’s Resolutions for Kids

10 New Year’s Resolutions for Kids 

The start of the New Year is a perfect time to teach your kids form new good habits and develop skills to improve themselves. It is important that you sit with your little one, discuss possible New Year’s resolutions and get them to feel excited about accomplishing it. To help you with your list, here are some suggestions of New Year’s resolutions for your kids. Check it out!

  1. Learn to play a musical instrument

Playing musical instruments like violin, guitar or piano does not only help your kids develop their creativity but also helps them improve their academic skills, build confidence and cultivate patience. Make sure to get your child’s opinion on what instrument he/she would like to play.


  1. Eat more healthy food

Exposed your kids to healthy food by taking time to prepare these type of meals to them. Refrain your kids from indulging into too much junk food. Cut down the burgers, sodas and sweets. Instead, encourage them to eat more fruits and vegetables.


  1. Get more exercise

Encourage your child to practice a healthy lifestyle by letting them to have at least 20 minutes of exercise a day. Go for a walk, or take some trips to the park to allow them to have more physical activity than usual.


  1. Adapt an eco-friendly lifestyle

Make your kids good stewards of Mother Earth by engaging them in simple activities like gardening, turning off unused lights, saving water or throwing trash on proper trash bins.


  1. Help in household chores

Get your children to help around the house by assigning them daily chores. This will allow them to learn responsibility at a young age. Let them help you in cooking, setting the table, washing the dishes, folding the laundry or house cleaning!


  1. Read more books

Start the year with inspiring your little one to read more books even just for a few minutes every day. Choose books about events in your child’s life such as making new friends, going to the zoo or getting into sports. Make it more fun and interactive by creating sounds or actions while reading to them.6

  1. Wake up early for school

Set realistic goals with your kids like aiming to get up 10 minutes earlier than the usual wake up time to avoid being late for school. This would also mean going to bed at night earlier.  Let them know that this change of pace can be beneficial to them as this will help them feel


  1. Be more respectful and polite to others

Instill this classic value in your children by teaching basic courteous gestures like giving up seat to an elder while on a bus, holding doors open to others, knowing when to say “thank you” and “sorry”, and addressing adults with “Miss” or “Mr.”.


  1. Try out some sports or take active part in school’s sports activities

Get your children to play more sports in 2017 by enrolling them to afterschool classes and have them do it at least 3 times in a week. More participation in sports can help then build confidence, discipline and build social skills.


  1. Cut down screen time

Take baby steps in cutting down your kids’ screen time and set a specific time of the day to use their gadgets. It is important that you create the rules together so they won’t feel bad about it. Explain the importance of getting outside by showing them how to have fun in the natural world like going on trips together or playing outdoors.


Hope we were able to give you ideas on the best goals to set with your kids in this new year. Always keep in mind that for them to accomplish these, you should make it your personal goal to lead by example. Happy New Year!

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