Leaps and Bounds Education Centre

At Leaps and Bounds Education Centre, we know every child is unique and has their own learning pace and style. With dedication and passion we look to providing a stimulating, friendly and easy learning environment, allowing children to reach their full potential whilst building their confidence. However, we do not just aim our programme at young children. Magikats, which was first developed in 2004 by UK educators, also supports students all the way to GCSE’s and the equivalent.

Avoid over tutoring your child.

We help your child learn and “operate more naturally” by using “interactive modes of assessment”. At Leaps and Bounds Education Centre , we have adopted the Magikats learning model. We refer to our staff as ‘mentors’ and not ‘tutors’. We believe students learn better when they enjoy themselves.  We don’t teach to the test. We encourage thinking outside the box and creativity.

Maths and English small group collaboration

Our sessions contain collaborative, problem solving activities, which many preparatory schools in the UK are now using as part of their admissions interviews. Bringing your child to Leaps and Bounds Education Centre and enrolling them in the Magikats programme gets the best out of them …for the long term.

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