Learning is an ongoing process and one that we are all a part of. No matter what age, we are constantly coming up with new ideas. But often we don’t have the opportunity to share those ideas with large groups of people. Giving people that opportunity is what Gaia Gatherings is all about.

This Thursday, February 2nd, The Gaia Centre will be holding Gaia Gatherings at The Junction. The purpose of the event is to encourage the spread of information and ideas. It is an event that holds talks and discussions of various topics in the fields of Education, Child Development, Creative Expression, and Sustainability. The talks will come from experts, laymen and give learners the chance to narrate their stories and share their expertise. So aside from giving both parents and students insight into new subject matter, it will also give them a space where they can grow as communicators and performers.

Gaia Gatherings is a bi-monthly event and this year’s first edition bring to you talks from Coach Moayyed Feroze, Marita Peters and The Gaia Team. Coach Mo is a certified nutritionist, gym instructor, yoga teacher, rehabilitative exercise specialist and counselor. He will be talking about reprioritizing our health, mindfulness within families and why we should encourage children to play more.

Marita Peters, an environmentalist and executive director for the Middle East at Surge, a global non-profit organization based in the U.S and U.A.E that advocate and act to bring about life-sustaining water and sanitation solutions and raise awareness about the global water crisis. She will be talking about water conservation and Surge’s local program called ‘Water: The Global Passport’.

The team at Gaia, will also be talking about one of their own class policies and how the idea of ‘Not Complaining’ can be applied to everyday life and the benefits of doing so.

To register for the event, email your full name along with the full name of anyone else attending, along with your ages, email and contact number to Seating opens at 7pm at The Junction, Al Serkal Avenue. Go to the Gaia Centre Facebook page for more information or call us at 0567043135/043961341. Here’s to new ideas and learning.


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