Fun Activities for Kids

Winter is over and summer is fast approaching, but what is not to miss is the beautiful transition and the season of spring.

With blooming flowers and the perfect season for outdoor activities,, has compiled a list of best kid’s activities across Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. From dance to arts, sports to education, read below to find them all.

Eye Level-Modern Learning Center


Eye Level Math and English Program

Over 2.5 million children have enrolled in Eye Level’s highly effective Math and English Program world-wide. EL Math is designed to help students improve their mathematical and problem solving skills by enabling them to master concepts methodically while progressing through the curriculum. EL English is based on U.S Department of Education curriculum standards for English Language Arts. The goal is to help students master English systematically by enhancing the target language skills.


Happy Mandarin

Welcome to the fastest growing Chinese language institute in the United Arab Emirates. A leading pioneer in Chinese language teaching methods development, a happy place for devoted and passionate teachers, a loving and nurturing home for young Mandarin learners, a strong community where enthusiastic parents progress along with their children on their journey of learning the Mandarin language. Happy Mandarin is your children’s best place to learn the Chinese language , a truly beautiful language, a truly future language.


Lotus Educational Institute

Arts and Design Courses for Kids and Teens

Lotus Educational Institute is recognized as one of the pioneering institute in Dubai when it comes to using artistic pursuits for therapeutic purposes through our arts and design classes. In our educational setting, students can benefit from the guidance of instructors as they immerse and indulge in their chosen craft.

Your child doesn’t need to be an artist to be able to join in our courses because art is not exclusive to artists. On the contrary, it can be a beneficial activity for improving your child’s physical, mental, and emotional health.

For inquiries, please contact us at 04-3911718 & or visit our institute to see the environment and meet our instructors.


Future International Nursery

Come and visit the nursery where the building itself is a teacher!

Every space has been carefully designed to offer a unique teaching experience to every child: our forest space, planting areas and discovery center help children reconnect with the natural world; our role play street, sensory room, inviting classrooms, and physical activity spaces enable each child to develop holistically in a safe and nurturing environment.
Book a tour now! Simply call 042803399 or 056 8015050


The Study Room

The Study Room offers child skills development training similar to no other in Dubai. We are a specialized learning center where our trainers are fully qualified teachers. We use Numicon and Rainbow Reading through which to teach Math, Reading and Writing. We are able to assess a child’s needs and target these areas specifically as well as adjust our program to suit each child.
Our learning environment is beautiful and children just love coming to The Study Room. We genuinely care about each child’s progress and are committed to working together with parents and teachers in order to achieve the best results. We focus on improving each child’s confidence and enjoyment in learning. We would love for you to visit us in Dubai Sports City, schedule an assessment for your child or set up a time to meet with the Managing Director for more information.


Master Brain

BrainOBrain, Maths, Handwriting

Master Brain offers courses for children and we focus in the 6-12 year range.
We have BrainOBrain (abacus) classes, as well as Maths, English and Handwriting.
Amongst others. During the Holidays we have camps going on.


Helen O’ Grady Drama Academy, UAE


Spring Term 2017

Helen O Grady Drama program will help improve your child’s confidence, self-esteem, conversational ability, interaction and creativity. The classes are all about developing the child’s enthusiasm, confidence and personality – and at the same time having a whole lot of fun.

MSD Training and Development Center

This program focuses on the child as a whole and helps him/her develop important life skills through fun and engaging drama-based activities. Using various games, creative role-play, mini-scripts and improvisation prompts, our structured lessons ensure that children are developing a wide range of skills including: communication, public speaking, cooperation, negotiation, language development, articulation, body language, and creativity. Learning outcomes are clearly defined for each segment of every lesson and broken down into short 2-5 minute activities to keep students engaged and animated. We provide a safe and cooperative learning environment, which allows for even the most introverted child to “break out of their shell”.


Foresight Education Foundation




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