Sensory Baby Class

Our exciting and stimulating baby classes resume on April 18th at 10am.

During the first three months of a baby’s life, two million neural connections are created in their brain every second, which is why sensory stimulation from birth is so important. Allowing babies to be exposed to different sounds, textures, and colours not only keeps them entertained, it advances their brain development as well as strengthen the emotional bond between baby and mama. Carefully designed super fascinating experiences for both mama and baby which also develops cognitive and social skills for babies! Our classes will improve your baby’s self-awareness and awareness of others and the world around him can be enhanced through the sensory class. By regularly attending our class, your baby will become more aware his senses and how to engage them.

For inquires and registration, please contact Creative Nest Nursery at or call 04 2633876.

Class timing: Every Tuesday at 10am.
Price: 60/AED per session (1 hour). 50/AED for packages.


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