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Summer is here and for most students, that means, school is out. But if you’re around the age of 13 and above then your summer is probably just as busy as your school year. Teenagers all around the world are using this time to develop skills and find new passions via extra-curriculars and summer camps.

This is a vital time for most of them, studying, learning and taking on new tasks – with the one goal to improve their resumes. Yet there is something that one can miss if they rush into these things blindly. By trying to do as many things as you can in as little time as you can, you may miss out on something important.

What is more important than your resume, you ask? Well, the answer is simple. Becoming a well-rounded individual- an individual who has a keen sense of awareness of his/her skills, an in-depth understanding of his/her capabilities, inhibitions, passions and most importantly the courage to follow those passions.

There seems to be, due to an unfortunate series of events, an immense pressure on teenagers to add an item to a piece of paper that appears to have a great power over their viable options in their future. While there may be some truth to this, what will always be more important is the improving of the individual self.

This summer vacation, teenagers will probably gain more by taking part in activities that help develop their perspectives, personalities as well as their skills.

Something else to note is that teenagers are in the middle of great change. They are becoming fully functioning members of society who are just starting to figure out what their values are, what they want to do, who they are right now and who they want to be.

During this time of growth and fluctuations, the people around them should ensure that they are given the education and guidance that they desire and need, and be sure to not just enrol in classes for the sake of enrolling in classes.

If you truly want development in your son or daughter – make sure they are people who not only have that shining resume but can also back it up with a real sense of security over themselves and the matter they’ve studied.

At The Gaia Centre, the training methodology aims to do just that through their special series of workshops that aims to endow learners with a new repertoire of skills whilst ensuring that they are growing wholly as well.

Teenagers this summer can hope to find a sense of belonging and unity while taking part in lessons that deliver a full cycle of knowledge through creative education in Art, Communication, Drama, and even an introduction in DJ-ing.

This all part of their summer camp ‘Get Legit’, which as one can discern from the name, hopes to provide a sense of legitimacy and authority to students so that they can truly know their new found skills. This summer let your teen focus on creating an idea of who they feel they are. In other words, help them Get Legit.

The Gaia Centre’s ‘Get Legit’ Workshops start 2nd July 2017. For details contact 056-7043135 / 043961341.

Written By: Shanthanu V., The Gaia Centre

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