Considering Afterschool Activities for your children? Here’s why you should consider Drama!

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Well, the school year is back in full swing!  Like most parents, you might be considering ‘Extra Curricular Activities’ (ECAs) for your children.  ECAs are an important extension of academic education as they allow children to create friendships, develop existing talents, learn new skills and build confidence.

In the UAE, Drama classes are a popular ECA choice.  Children who engage with the Performing Arts are developing valuable life skills alongside their chosen craft.  Performing cultivates imagination and communication skills.  The disciplines of the creative process (rehearsing, learning lines and coordinating movements) improve memory and focus.  Being involved in a collaborative performance also develops important listening, teamwork and observation skills.

The beauty of Drama is that it will allow your child to develop their ‘sense of self’ by encouraging them to express their ideas in a supportive context, alongside their peers.  In order to find their stage voice, your child will first learn to trust themselves and their fellow performers.  Opportunities to be brave and overcome inhibition are given in a warm and encouraging environment.  Aspects of the Performing Arts, especially improvisation, help young people to understand how to navigate challenges, problem solve, think outside the box and be more confident going into unfamiliar situations.  It may take some time, but once your child learns to trust their ideas and abilities, the confidence they gain will propel them forward.  It will give them the space to improve their vocal projection, articulation, tone and expression.  They will find their voice! Through Drama, your child will be encouraged to use their imagination to become brilliant storytellers, and in turn gain the confidence to present themselves with poise in front of an audience.

Young children are natural performers, whether enrolled in a class or dancing around the living room at home.  Their love of music and rhythm helps them to discover balance and co-ordination through movement.  They use their imaginations even before they start articulating. By the age of three, children are able to concentrate for longer periods of time, engage in conversation, communicate ideas and retain lyrics to songs and basic choreography.  This is why most Drama and Musical Theatre Classes start around this age.

There are a multitude of Drama classes available in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.  Kids’ Theatre Works! opened their doors 16 years ago and since then have offered a progressive programme in Dramatics, Acting and Musical Theatre classes which enable children to develop their talents from ages 3-18 years old.  Kids’ Theatre Works! are working with several schools to offer ECAs and have a diversified programme including school holiday programmes, workshops, 2 annual Theatre Productions and a schedule which spans 38 classes per week based at DUCTAC.  To find out more visit, phone 050 158 5653 or email

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