Gift Ideas for Kids That Will Keep Them Busy & Active

Looking for a gift for your kid that away from the television and keep them entertained, busy and active? There are a number of options on the market for you to choose from.

Whether you are looking for something crafty such as painting, or puzzles, something you can do indoors on a cold day such as baking or cooking, or if you are looking for something more outdoorsy such as gardening tools, sports equipment, bicycles or scooters.

When deciding on what gift to get for your child, consider what they like to do, if they like to be outdoors or indoors, if they like building things or growing things. A gift that captures their imagination will always be a winner, whether it is a ball, a scooter, or an apron for the kitchen.

Arts and Crafts Gifts



If you are thinking of something in the lines of arts and crafts, for those days where they cannot be outside then you can look at paint projects, coloring in books and pencils, puzzles and the like. Painting is a great way to keep your toddler active and to allow them to express their creativity.

The same goes for coloring in and drawing projects. Allow your child to explore when they do this, don’t insist on certain colors or a particular way of coloring or drawing. Building puzzles or playing with building blocks is something you can participate with your child in doing, allowing you to spend time with them as well.

Gardening Gifts

There are a lot of options here for you to consider. Apart from the tools you can get them to do their own gardening with, you can buy them special seeds or start a vegetable gardening project with them. This not only sparks their creativity, it also gets them outdoors and away from activities such as watching TV or using playing games on a tablet.

It will not only help with their development in motor skills but it also gives you a chance, like with the painting, to do something with your toddler.

Sports and Other Gifts

Sporting gifts are always a hit with kids. Whether it be a play golf set, a soccer ball or football, most kids will love this type of gift. It will also give them an opportunity to get out and play. They can also play in groups which helps them to learn to socialize, such as when they kick a ball around.

Another great gift is a bicycle. Learning to ride is fun and it will give them a sense of adventure as they can get mobile and ride around the garden, your driveway or even the neighborhood, under your watchful eye of course. Start off with a bicycle with training wheels and watch their confidence grow until they can operate without the training wheels.



Scooter are another great gift for kids. But are scooters safe for toddlers to ride is a question many parents have asked. The simple answer is yes. Not only are they safe for your toddler, they will help them to develop their sense of balance and of course stimulate them in so many different ways.

Kitchen Gifts

The kitchen is a place kids love to be. Having their own apron and baking goodies will really make a great gift. Baking inspires creativity and teaches them patience as they wait for their creations to bake, how to follow instructions and improves their gross and fine motor skills all at the same time. It is also an activity you can do with them to create something special for them to show off.

Aprons, their own special cookie shapers and rolling pins are just some of the things you could get for them to enjoy their time in the kitchen. You can also consider basic recipe books for kids, this will also teach them about nutrition and what is good to eat and what not. Basically the options here are endless, and your child is sure to enjoy their time in the kitchen.

Remember playing is what helps to develop your child, whether it is in the kitchen, the garden or the neighborhood. Sitting in front of the television does not inspire their creativity or their sense of adventure and self-confidence, so give them a gift that will engage them, get them out and about and most of all let them learn and grow while at the same time keeping them entertained, active and busy.


Allison Carter

 As devoted Mother and Writer, and have been for some time now, I enjoy spending time with the kids outdoors, so I started to write and review kids products.



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