Blog from Partners: Engaging with Afterschool Activities

Signing kids up for activities is always a great idea! But for parents, it might be hard to know where to start and how to choose the perfect after school activity. Learn more about different children activities with our series of blogs from our partner schools and activity providers. Get inspired with their firsthand insights and expert advice. Our blogs cover a range of topics on parenting tips, benefits of children activities, and many more.



  1. Deerfields Nursery                                 How a teacher spice up his/her lessons
  2. Sunflower Nursery                                 Reading Strategies for Kids That Work
  3. Absolute Sports                                      5 Helpful Tips for parents new to gymnastics
  4. Stryx Sports                                             What Sets FCBEscola Soccer Training Apart?
  5. Fun Robotics                                           What Robotics can Teach Kids?
  6. Funky Monkeys                                      2017 Popular Party Themes
  7. High performance Swimming Club   Why You (Parents) Should Be Swimming With Your Kids
  8. Diverse Choreography                          Why I Teach (An Interview or Blog from a School Teacher)
  9. Dovecote Green Primary School         How to Motivate an unmotivated Student


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