Blog from Partners #1: How a Teacher spice up his/her Lessons

A frequently asked question by my parents and colleagues is how do I spice up my lessons? I have a few strategies up my sleeve, which should be pretty simple to implement. Every child’s development is unique and complex. There are foreseeable sequence of steps and milestones that children develop though and this may not proceed through these steps in an equal way nor at the same time.

Children’s development is greatly influenced by factors in the environment and his or her experiences. Providing an enabling and a resourceful environment is the key to the success. To implement a classroom of fun learning, there are steps that I follow.


No one said teaching 2-year old was easy. My two year old love to test their independence and never stop learning. Moving from one activity to the other can sometimes be difficult as it’s an issue when accomplishing tasks without assistance. This is when attention grabbers’ work wonders for me. It helps with classroom control and incidentally gets them ready to tackle the next activity.

Whiteboards seems to be a real winner in my classroom. They seem to be more interesting than a simple paper and pencil combination. The kids love them and I don’t know why but it’s a great way to have them show what they are learning.

Get them moving. Before we start our day in the nursery, we will have a rhyming movement session. Usually this means that the children will line up against the wall and move to “Head Shoulders, Knees and Toe’s”. Doing such boosts productivity and improves their behavior.

After circle time, I like to encourage my class to speak out on what they have gained though the activity. Generally, this is when I see how eager the children were to join in the learning. During this session, I will start asking them different questions and to spice it up, I will try different questioning techniques like throwing a ball. Very easy set-up, light, cheap, promotes active learning and for all ages.

During reading time, I love to bring out the puppets. It boosts creativity, enhances the atmosphere and makes communication less frightening. You can bring out puppets during story time, games, and learning vocabulary.

Adding an element of randomness to your lessons is a great way to spice things up. One of my favorite ways is walking the children to an outdoor play area where they can express their creativity by coloring the floor with crayons. Rewards, coupled with an element of randomness, go down very well!

I hope my suggestions can make your lessons more exciting. Implementing things differently in your classroom will keep the excitement and interest alive in your lessons, not only for your children but for you too.



Shannon Whiteside

Seagulls Classroom Teacher

Deerfields Nursery

Shannone Whiteside has been teaching nursery kids for 5 years. She’s from UK, holding Cache Level 3 and extremely aware of EYFS. She has a great passion for kids which you can see the reflections at her classroom. She knows how the get the attention of the kids and integrate fun and learning at the same time in her class.



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