Blog from Partners #3: 5 Helpful Tips for Parents New to Gymnastics

Absolute Gymnastics provides professional yet fun gymnastics classes for children aged 3 to 12 throughout Dubai.

We offer gymnastics classes for all abilities. With after school activities for beginners and academy classes for intermediate and advanced level, we are sure to have a class suitable for your child.

We deliver unique programmes with qualified coaches to ensure the best possible lessons are provided. Classes are split by age, ability and previous experience so that each individual child can reach their personal goal.


As we understand some parents are wary of their children starting gymnastics and trying ‘flips’ and ‘somersaults’, we can assure you we work to your child’s pace. All children develop at different speeds and while some may be comfortable trying all the hard skills, we always put safety first. We make sure we explain safety aspects of skills to our gymnasts before they’re tried.

If a child is uncomfortable to try anything, we will make sure they have full support or they will try the skill simplified or slowed down. Making sure our gymnasts are happy is very important to us as coaches.


Absolute Gymnastics has been established since 2015 and now has over 200 gymnasts in more than 13 schools and academies.

5 Useful Tips from Coach Holly:

  1. Always take water to gymnastics class! Keeping your hydration up is very important during gymnastics sessions.
  2. Dress comfortably! No jeans or dresses should be worn for gymnastics. Leggings or shorts with a T-shirt is the best alternative for a leotard. Gymnasts need clothing that allow them to move around and not restrict them. No shoes, socks or jewelry should be worn for gymnastics class.
  3. Always remember to stretch! Stretching is one of the most important parts of a gymnastics lesson. Stretching helps your body prepare for the exercise its about to get and helps prevent injury.
  4. Please wait outside for your gymnasts! Parents should wait for children outside of class as they can become distracted by their parents being in the hall. This lets the coaches provide the best quality lessons for the gymnasts.
  5. Have fun! As much as children are at classes to learn gymnastics, they must remember to enjoy it. We hope to leave a positive gymnastics experience to every child who walk through our doors.



Holly Jervis – Gymnastics Coach at Absolute Gymnastics

Holly was a gymnastics coach in the U.K. for over 8 years before she decided to take the next step in her career and move to Dubai to start her role at Absolute Gymnastics.

Holly feels there is a lot of opportunity and potential in the children in Dubai to excel in gymnastics with the help and guidance Absolute Gymnastics can give. Holly strives to know the individual gymnast and creates her programme effectively to enhance each gymnast’s skills.

If you are looking to join Holly’s classes, you will hear the fun and laughter of all her gymnasts throughout the venue where class is taking place.


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