Blog from Partners #4: What sets FCBEscola Soccer Training apart?

To be truly honest, I have never ever seen Messi play football, nor did I know who was Suárez and Piqué before a year ago.

Yet, I must admit, I am impressed by the dedication and enthusiasm that children address towards these players and towards the FC Barcelona football team. Not only do they want to wear the same jersey but they want to play like them.

At FCBEscola Dubai, they give the children that little bit of magic playing for a prestigious club. All football teams are named after one of the famous FC Barcelona players. My neighbors’ son plays in the Iniesta Team.


The coaches at FCBEscola Dubai are not just the ordinary soccer coaches; All coaches have been trained and educated by the FC Barcelona Club. Somehow, I see all of them represent Messi’s genius left foot and Iniesta’s dribbling skills.

I like the fact the FCBEscola Dubai gives a holistic approach to soccer: the coaches teach the technical, tactical, physical and mental aspects of the game. Each age group and skill level follows a specific programme which is developed by sports experts to ensure the development of every player.

The Technical Director of the soccer school, Gerard Sarra, is a very experienced coach; he also holds a degree in nutrition and makes sure the players are properly hydrated while they train in the heat and humidity.

The training sessions are not only about kicking a ball but to learn the values of humility, respect, effort, teamwork and fair play. They also have a girls’ team and a goalkeeper training programme.

The pinnacle of the season is when the most talented players are selected to go on a trip to Barcelona, to play in the famous Camp Nou facilities, and to watch their favourite team play at home. These are memories to remember forever.


The FCBEscola Dubai is located in three different schools in Dubai: Dubai British School Jumeirah Park, GEMS Wellington International School on Sheikh Zayed Road and Dubai American Academy in Al Barsha. Consisting of two training sessions a week plus a match, that gives plenty of opportunities for your children to learn how to play and to become the new Messi!

The first step to getting into the FCBEscola Dubai is to contact their office to make an appointment for a trial. All children are invited to an assessment session, based on which they are then assigned to a specific team. The teams are built according to the children’s age, development and skill levels which means your son doesn’t end up playing with a boy twice his size.

There are four membership options: you can register your child for 2.5, 5, or 7.5 months or for the full season. Prices vary accordingly. With the payment of the annual admission fee, you receive three training and match jerseys, three pairs of shorts and socks, as well as a water bottle and a bag. Plenty of goodies that will make your child happy and proud to be part of the FC Barcelona Soccer School.



Anne Muehlenbeck

Business Development Director at Stryx Sports

Anne is a sports professional who has been involved in developing sports programmes for over ten years. Passionate triathlete, she has lived in five different countries before moving to Dubai a year and a half ago.


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