Blog from Partners #5: What Robotics Can Teach Kids


Why Robotics?

     Over the years, technology has been growing fast, and so is the distraction it brings to our children. We often blame technology and believe that it is wasting a lot of our children’s energy and time. But what if we thought of seizing this enchantment of children towards anything tech-related and use it to their benefit?

Our world is becoming more technology dependent and completely shying away from this, would simply leave us lagging behind.

What can we do then?

It is our duty to prepare our children for the future and try to teach them all the needed skills and technical know-how’s with the right mindset for them to venture into an ever-changing technological era. One way of doing this is to teach them coding and programming through Robotics!

Why Robotics?

  1.  It is a Way to Teach Them Using STEM/STEAM Education Methods

Robotics provides a fun way to teach children coding and programming skills that are considered today as important as LITERACY!  By teaching children Robotics, we will be teaching them a set of skills like problem solving, critical thinking and team collaboration.

Also, Robotics uses STEM/STEAM education methods that require the students to tackle the problem they are trying to solve by using their comprehensive knowledge of Science, Math, Technology, Engineering and Art concepts. This way, students will learn to inclusively use these fields and take what is needed from each subject to come up with an extensive solution.

  1.   It increases their creativity!

With Robotics, the creativity is limitless! Children will be able to build their robots and program them to do the missions that they want. It didn’t work the first time? Who said it has to? Experiencing failure and figuring out problems are essential in the journey of success!


  1.   Robotics Teaches Children Through Project Based Learning!

While working on solving a problem through Robotics, students will be undergoing Project Based Learning, a learning method that requires the student to solve a problem or a challenge by investigation and analysis – constructing and testing a hypothesis, drawing conclusions, critiquing it and communicating results.

  1.   Future Preparation

The future is full of unknowns. Over the last few years, more and more jobs are being taken over by robots and computers. They have made tremendous leaps in capabilities that they replaced more human jobs. With this, teaching our children to keep up with such pace and come up with creative solutions and thinking out of the box is a must.

  1.   It is FUN!

Needless to say, fun is the most important element when thinking about providing anything for children. For that reason, Robotics is a great way to have fun while learning A LOT!


Contributor Information:

Name: Oula Al Hosni

Designation: Marketing and Communication Executive

After graduating with a Bsc. In Design Management, Oula joined Fun Robotics to start her journey in the STEM and Robotics education field. She loves the results she see on the students who get trained on robotics and is constantly amazed by the brilliant ideas that they get to life using their Robotics knowledge.

This makes her going on a mission of spreading the awareness about the importance of such education for this generation.


Company: Fun Robotics






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