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Birthdays come around just once a year. It’s something most people look forward to, especially our kids. Their eyes, glimmering with excitement, fixed on that one date in the calendar.

Moms and dads – the pressure is on you to make that date extra special. Check in with your child what interests them the most, and what sounds like fun for them. Will you take the challenge?

Here are 7 of the most popular themes of 2017 to help you plan that quintessential birthday party.


Get wild and funky with a party based on your child’s favorite animals, or even on their favorite animal cartoon characters. Invite his/her friends, dressed in animals suits, and have a parade of cute creatures. Just be sure to avoid creating the cutest stampede ever!

Party essentials:

  • Animal parade
  • Jungle-themed cake
  • Animal mask for attendees
  • Kids crafts (animal cut outs / animal paper cups)


Your little princess must be treated like a true royalty! Invite her friends over for a royal ball and give them a grand time like no other. And what’s a royal party without a royal dance? Even mom and dad can join in on the fun. Time to showcase those crazy majestic moves on the dance floor.

Party essentials:

  • Princess fashion show
  • Dancing and games
  • Spa and grooming session with friends
  • Royal dance with parents
  • Royal castle cake


Is your tiny superhero excited for his special day? Call his super friends over for a quick break from saving our planet. Give them a party instead, a party they’ll never forget even when on duty to save the world!

Party essentials:

  • Super hero ceremony
  • Super hero capes, mask and costume for guests
  • Hero treasure hunt
  • Name-that-superhero games and activities
  • Quick superhero movie time
  • Hero cake, standing tall and mighty!





Turn off the lights! It’s time to party in the dark. Start the glow-in-the-dark vibe by giving your guests a neon invitation card and name tag upon arrival. Cover the windows with dark, thick curtains, or simply hold your party at night!

Party essentials:

  • Black light bulbs
  • Neon name tags and invitation cards
  • LED sticks and accessories
  • LED robot dancers
  • Glow-in-the-dark cake


Curious. Kids are that, and more! They want to taste, test, inspect and invent everything that comes to mind. Harness all that energy by giving them a party that will put their curiosity and scientific prowess to the test.  Be ready for some jawdropping experiments and explosions of fun and laughter.

Party essentials:

  • Balloon blast
  • Scientist cake
  • Invention kit / rocket crafts
  • Lab gown and badges for every guest
  • Test tube drinks (cautiously cooled with dry ice for that extra lab effect!)


Do you have the next Gordon Ramsay in your household? Throw your lovechild a cooking-themed party, and we’re sure you’ll get lots of hugs and kisses afterwards. And probably some cookies and pizzas, too.

Party essentials:

  • Pizza making workshop (dough kneading, topping, cooking and eating their own pizza!)
  • Beverage making (juice making, mint lemonade concoction etc.)
  • Paper crafts (paper cups and chef’s hat making)
  • Chef’s jacket and hat for all guests


Every kid is a star in the making. Open up the stage for them and let your kids live their dream roles! Go glam starting with movie inspired invitation cards, and their very own director’s chair on the venue!

Party essentials

  • Celebrity posters/cut outs
  • Director’s chair for guests
  • Acting, dancing and singing activities
  • Cosplay/impersonation programs
  • Dress up like a celebrity fashion show


Posh out your celebration, or be outrageously wild – who cares? As long as you and your kids are having the best time of your lives, then you’re all set for a great party!



Alvin Granada Bernal

Marketing Manager

  • Lover of life, kid at heart and perennially curious. Alvin has spent his years traveling the world, finally landing in the sandpits of Dubai. Loves anime, manga and everything Japanese. Currently enjoying his time in the company of kids and wanna-be kids.


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