Blog from Partners #8: Why I Teach


I have been a teacher for over 10 years both in the UK and in Dubai. I have taught at various schools and professional colleges throughout the UK and almost 10 years ago I opened Diverse Choreography Performing Arts School with my husband Scott Marshall (Choreographer and Performing Arts Director). I currently teach ages 9–18 and my specialty is contemporary and jazz.


I teach because like all of our teachers that make up our team at Diverse, I love it! I love to dance and to pass on my knowledge to eager young dancers is a privilege. Nurturing a student from a young age to professional college level is incredibly rewarding and an amazing experience.

Likewise, watching a student fall in love with dance, like I did at their age is awesome and it is fantastic that I can be a part of so many young dancer’s journeys towards achieving their goals.




Additionally, dance can be an emotional outlet for some children and is an escape for whatever may happening in their lives at the time, such as exam stress, peer pressures etc. In my classes we are all equals and all there for one reason, because we love to dance.

A shared passion creates beautiful relationships and seeing a child or teenager completely absorbed in class, engaged in something they love and working so hard to improve is all a teacher can ask for.

Aside from my commitment to our students, from a personal perspective, my job is creative and allows me to keep learning with new styles coming through all the time. I keep fit and get to put my ideas into practice and express myself through choreography and routines, especially when our annual shows come around!

I see my students are part of my extended family and anyone who gets to work with people that they see as family are very lucky!



Lisa Marshall

Principal of Diverse Choreography Performing Arts School

  • Lisa has worked in the entertainments industry for over 15 years. She began her training at Elmhurst Ballet School in Surrey, UK, and went on to graduate from Laine Theatre Arts with an Honours diploma in Musical Theatre.
    Her career began starring as an actress, singer and dancer in West End favourites such as Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Jus’ like that – a musical comedy about the life of Tommy Cooper. Together with her husband Scott, she opened Diverse Choreography in Dubai almost 10 years ago and now runs a successful performing arts school with over 700 pupils.



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