February Guest Bloggers: Continuity Counts

Winter is here in Dubai!!! It’s too cold to wear shorts and time to bring out the jumpers, and it’s too cold to swim……… that’s what most parents think. “My child will get a cold or end up sick from being out in that weather”. All of the pools that High Performance Swimming Club use are temperature controlled, so all of our swimmers can train or learn to swim in a comfortable environment.




Swimming is great for your child’s immune system and a good form of exercise all year round. You may be worried about them getting sick, but the more they do it, especially through the winter months, the stronger and healthier they will become. Aside from them getting sick have you ever thought of how missing out on a couple of lessons here and there can impact their swimming as a whole?

Just like learning to read and write, swimming takes practice, the more you do it the better you become. Imagine your child going to school for only 2 days a week, how well do you think they would do in exams at the end of the year? Do you think they would be at the same standard as they would be going to school 5 days a week?

What if you took them out of school for a month? Do you think they would improve or have to start again and repeat some lessons? It is exactly the same principle in swimming. Motor skills are lost and stamina takes a big hit if you do not continue with lessons.

Children need routine, so by bringing them to swimming once, twice or however many times a week you can manage you are not only giving them a skill for life but it’s a skill that could save their or someone else’s life. It provides some responsibility and structure.

Once a child misses a lesson they are behind in the class and will have to work harder and faster to try and catch up with their peers. This adds more stress and pressure which usually results in the skill being performed wrongly and this is how bad habits start.




What can you do to help improve your child’s swimming? Consistency is the key, take them to as many lessons as you possibly can, stick to a routine and encourage them to practice. As the old saying goes practice makes perfect! Here at High Performance Swimming Club we run classes all year round, we don’t believe in taking a break and of course we love swimming so our teachers are always around to help.

During the midterm break we will be running our spring camp at Hamdan Sports Complex from the 25th March – 5th April 2018. The spring swim camp will be 5 days long, starting on the Sunday until Thursday. Each morning will start at 9:30am and end at 12:30pm, offering 2 hours of swimming lessons per day.

This is a very intensive schedule and therefore, children 5 years and over must be intermediate swimmers and be able to swim at least 10 meters of the pool. We will be running a signup session for the spring swim camp on Saturday the 24th March 2018 at 3:15pm at Hamdan Sports Complex, swimmers will be evaluated during this signup session.

The expected group size will be around 8 swimmers to one teacher. Our teachers will work with the swimmers to make them comfortable, but still challenge them. Throughout the swimming lessons your child will be evaluated and documented, and at the end of the course your child will receive a swimming certificate.

We understand that there are some children who experience anxiety during their first participation in a swimming lesson. This is normal and usually decreases once the child develops a relationship with the teacher and becomes more relaxed in the environment. One final note to all parents, just because your child has attended a hand full of swimming lessons it does not mean they are strong or skilled swimmers.

Drowning is the number one cause of accidental death in children, so we hope this spring camp event will lead to more children learning the vital skill of how to swim and ultimately help reduce our drowning statistics. Give them a chance to learn a new skill and stay safe at the same time, it will give you piece of mind as a parent too.

All the information for our spring camp can be found here: http://www.hpsc-dubai.com/




Nicola McKeachan

Swimming teacher at High Performance Swimming Club

  • Swimming Teacher in Dubai for 3 years, used to live in the UK. Born in South Africa, I have swam competitively for South Africa, Southern Botswana and the West of Scotland. I have been teaching for 13 years since then.


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