5 Spring Break Ideas for Family

Whenever kids are on break, we find pleasure in staying in at home to just sleep in and do nothing. While that may be fine especially when we don’t have the time to take off from work, it can also be a great opportunity to create happy memories with the family. So, this spring break, if you’re looking for activities closer to or at home, we have compiled simple ways and activities for you to get some family fun.




  1. Take a trip to the beach

Winter has been cold and work and school have been rough and there’s no place quite as relaxing and pleasant as the beach. The sounds of waves crashing, the fresh air and the bright colours of the water and the sky combined makes a day at the beach a truly memorable one for the family. Collect shells, build sand castles or enjoy some water sports like kayaking, parasailing, or wake boarding.


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  1. Visit theme parks and water parks

Visiting amusement parks is like taking a mini vacation when the family can’t to take a full one.  The UAE provides an easy access to the most exciting theme and water parks in the world. Usually, these parks have special discount and attractions for the family during spring break. The IMG Worlds of Adventure, the Dubai Parks and Resorts, Ferrari World , Wild Wadi and the Aquaventure Waterpark are just some of your options.


  1. Teach them cooking

The spring break could be the perfect time to teach your kids some basic cooking skills. Start them young and if you’re lucky they might love the idea of preparing their lunchbox after this break. Introduce them to simple tasks tailored to their age like washing the vegetables, stirring ingredients, or using a peeler. Some recipes you can try includes spaghetti and meatballs, cheese roll-ups, burgers and a simple chicken salad.



  1. Plant a small garden

Grow memories with your children during the break as you dig in the dirt together and plant a small garden. Teach your children how to grow a few easy-to-go herbs or vegetables and this will surely give a sense of accomplishment to your kids as they watch a garden spring to life. Don’t have a yard? You can use a planter to start off with. The fun never stops after planting. You can let the kids decorate your garden area with stones, pebbles, shells, sticks and many other objects from nature.


  1. Host a family movie night

After a busy day outdoors, you can enjoy the evening with a family move night. Turn your house into a movie theater with some movie-themed decorations. Prepare popcorn, potato chips or spiced nuts beforehand and serve them in a popcorn box so each child could have their own, just like in a real theater. After the credit rolls, chat with the kids about the movie have a mini movie review. This might be an opportunity for you to emphasize family values as seen in the movie.



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