The positive impact Performing Arts training can have on your child.


As a market leader in performing arts training, we at Diverse are often asked by prospective parents  ‘how will my child develop through attending classes with you?’ There is never a short reply to this and every day we as teachers (and parents) are reminded of the positive effects that attending classes in the arts can have physically and mentally on our children’s lives.




There is an obvious connection between attending dance classes and seeing an improvement in physical health. For children, exercise MUST be fun, engaging and have an end goal. Dance is proven to help with weight loss, improved coordination, response time, core strength and balance.

During dance classes, children exercise unconsciously while dancing to their favourite songs and achieving an end goal of sequencing steps and building upon routines.

Second to physical health benefits, confidence is one of the main reasons we see students enrolling in our classes. We witness shy, nervous children blossom into confident, expressive performers who are able to let go of their inhibitions and have the courage to perform and self-express in front of an audience.

By learning to express in a non-judgmental environment with the guidance of trained teachers, the skills learnt within this process will continue to be applied throughout life, whether it be a career in the arts or public speaking, job interviews, playing sport or meeting new people.

A huge part of performing arts is collaborative and has an amazing impact on the ability to work with others. Team work is very important and students learn to have an awareness of others, whether it be of movements in dance, emotions in drama or listening in singing.




Supporting co-performers and positive re-enforcement is prominent throughout performing arts training and these skills are utilized during all walks of life.

Performing Arts is proven to enhance focus in children of all ages. The ability to focus is a key skill that can be applied to any career/project and recent research has shown that participation in the arts improves children’s abilities to concentrate and focus in other aspects of their lives.

There we have it, the benefits for your children attending performing arts classes!  In addition, the biggest factor why performing arts is so popular – because it is FUN!

In the words of Albert Einstein, ‘creativity is intelligence having fun.’




Cherry Thurgill

Teacher, Diverse Choreography


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