Spring Break Activities for Families on a Budget




Kids should never be bored on a Spring break. This is the perfect time to nurture their skills and talents, but should not come at the expense of spending so much money. There are ways to let your children explore themselves while you stay on your budget. Here is a list of after school activities in Abu Dhabi that your kids can do this Spring break:

  • Story – Telling

Everyone can learn something while having fun. Bring your children to the library and choose a book that you can read together. Most libraries also offer story – telling sessions where your children can hear exciting stories. Look online for upcoming free after school enrichment activities in Dubai like book readings or other workshops that your family might enjoy.

  • Work on Your Garden

Work with your entire family on a long – term project by planting a garden. Let your kids choose the plants or flowers they wish to plant and assigned duties for the whole Spring. This gives your children responsibilities without forcing them. You can also ask the help of an experienced relative or friend to help you out. Have fun with nature while working on teamwork.

  • Have Fun Cooking

One of the best after school activities ideas in Abu Dhabi is organizing a cookfest with your family. Set the grill and involve your family into a cookfest at your backyard. Educate your kids on how to plan dinner parties, especially on the various dishes to serve. Assign tasks to every family member and supervise the kids.

  • Volunteer as a Family

Allow your kids to enjoy doing going deeds for other people this Spring. Volunteer as a family by reaching out to nursing homes for a day of book reading or an arts and crafts session. You can also visit the animal shelter and walk dogs.

With plenty of inexpensive, but educational things to do this Spring, take the opportunity to bond more as a family with these activities.



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