Diverse Choreography – 9th Annual Variety Show “Be Diverse”




Diverse Choreography gets show ready!

Diverse Choreography Performing Arts School are delighted to announce that we will be producing our 9th annual variety show at the Madinat Theatre, Jumeirah and we can’t wait to showcase the incredible talent of our students!

Our teachers and students are fully into rehearsal for our best show yet which includes all our favourite hits as well as extracts from musicals such as Sister Act, Newsies and The Greatest Showman.

This year, we explore and celebrate individuality and what it means to always truly be yourself. To be ‘Diverse’ means to be proud of who you are, to be proud to be different and to stand up for what you believe in – something which we believe is so important for young children of today to learn.

Performing in front of an audience with professional set, lighting and sound is a wonderful experience for our students and for many, their first show marks the moment that they fall in love with performing arts, this love remains a life – long passion and can simply build confidence a life-long skill. Or inspire children to turn their passion into their profession.

We look forward to watching our students express themselves and wow their audiences with their superb talent and performances. Below is a taste of what to expect from the sections in our show:



Tabloids – NEWSFLASH – Not to be missed! A headline worthy slice of the Broadway hit musical ‘Newsies’. In sporting news… Ding, Ding, Round 1, get ready for a knock out from our boys in the big fight ‘Eye of the Tiger’!

Spoiler Alert! A fast paced, dance offering, based on the cult hit TV show ‘Stranger Things’, followed by a trip down the ‘Glamorous’ red carpet, watching Lady Gaga, Bieber and Beyonce ‘strike a pose’ for the paparazzi.



Be DIVERSE– Be unique, be brave, be different, be YOU! An empowering selection of hits celebrating individuality! Our gorgeous junior dancers will light up the sky with their rendition of ‘Firework’.

A fun little ‘Shrek’ skit where the kids will be ‘flying (their) freak flag’ followed by the ultimate celebration of DIVERSE-ity – a magical medley of the songs from ‘The Greatest Showman’ expertly performed by our amazingly talented musical theatre students! Beautiful harmonies, an elegant silk performer, colourful costumes and a high energy, positive message to share!

But for now… back to rehearsals!

Diverse Choreography presents ‘Be Diverse’ on Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd June 2018 at the Madinat Theatre, Jumeirah.


Cherry Thurgill

Diverse Choreography

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