How to Get Kids to Look Forward to Ramadan

With the fourth month of the year already here, Ramadan is just right around the corner. This is a sacred and beloved religious tradition. However, religious occasions are not the most fun or exciting times for children. They see it as an obligation that must be fulfilled.

As parents, it is our responsibility to make religious traditions meaningful and enjoyable for our children. How do we do that for Ramadan? Here are four ways:

Start a Ramadan calendar

Counting down the days to a special event is always fun for kids. Make them feel the same level of excitement for Ramadan by creating a calendar that allows them to mark off the days until it begins and ends. You can create a simple calendar with any piece of paper or board.

Make the spaces for dates big enough so that you can write one-liners of encouragement, or they can write their own words of excitement. You can also make little pockets for each day, where you can insert their treat for the evening and small notes with short reminders about Ramadan or Qur’an verses.

Decorate the house

Decorations mean celebration – a mark of a special time. Make your children feel that Ramadan is festive by hanging decorations suited to the religious tradition. You can try creating your own by looking for designs online and making them come to life with craft and colored papers.

They can even suggest designs or places in the house where they want to hang the decorations. You can always go for store-bought decorations and add some Ramadan flavor to it by incorporating Ramadan messages or drawings. Encourage your children to read at least one or two messages a day to add to their Ramadan knowledge.



Source: Shero Art


Get creative

Arts and crafts is good way for your children to express their creativity and to make them more excited for Ramadan. Encourage them to create something related to Ramadan and explain its connection to them. You can suggest that they create a good deed jar since this is the time when most strive to do at least one good deed a day.

They can use a simple jar or bowl, which they can decorate according to their liking, and place at least one piece of paper per day that shares a good deed they have done. They can place as many good deeds as possible. Invite them to share these good deeds with you at the end of every week. This reminds them of the importance of lending a helping hand not only every Ramadan, but also all other days of the year.

Cook/Bake to share



Source: Caféine

Food is always a good idea for any celebration. It is also a good way to share love and promote peace within the neighborhood; and, kids never say no to food! Discuss with your children what treats they want to share with neighbors and friends.

You can look up on common Ramadan treats or you can go for the usual cookies. Decorate it to your liking or shape it in a way that represents the tradition. If pressed for time, you and your children can simply shop for the usual candies and chocolates and place them in goodie bags with simple Ramadan greetings.

These are just some of the ways you can excite and get your kids to love Ramadan. At the end of the day, remember that what matters most are the warm feelings shared together and the understanding your children gained from these activities on what the sacred tradition is all about.


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