1- Ms Betty July

Community Week – Meet a ‘Teacher’ by the name of Ms Betty Edgar

♥ Meet a Teacher ♥  Meet Ms Betty Edgar, she is a teacher at Cocoon Nursery. She has been a teacher for over 30 years teaching Foundation Stage 1 (FS1).  We asked Ms Betty Edgar why she loved teaching, she smiled and explained, “I love teaching, as nothing is more rewarding than reaching out to young children and seeing them blossom and develop….


Community Week – Meet a ‘Babysitter’ by the name of Jinky Lou Oli

♥ Meet a Babysitter ♥ Meet Jinky Lou Oli, she is a Babysitter at Emirates Nursing Home. She originally comes from Cagayan Valley, in the Philippines and has been working in childcare for over 2 years now. Jinky is a fully Qualified Registered Nurse from the Philippines. She is trained in First Aid and Basic Life Support, as well as having regular…