1- Ms Betty July

Community Week – Meet a ‘Teacher’ by the name of Ms Betty Edgar

♥ Meet a Teacher ♥  Meet Ms Betty Edgar, she is a teacher at Cocoon Nursery. She has been a teacher for over 30 years teaching Foundation Stage 1 (FS1).  We asked Ms Betty Edgar why she loved teaching, she smiled and explained, “I love teaching, as nothing is more rewarding than reaching out to young children and seeing them blossom and develop….


Sleep advice from a Midwife

Emirates Home Nursing shares their knowledge and insights in Childcare, New Born Care and Babysitting, together with their postnatal care offered to mothers.  We are pleased to have Francesca Norris  in collaboration with Joanne Cardy, UK trained Nurse and Midwife give us some advice on ‘Sleep’. This is what they had to say,  We have all heard that saying…